Protein rich breakfast

Protein rich breakfast for people who dislike eggs

While most people include eggs for a healthy, protein-rich breakfast, there are few who avoid eggs. If you fall in ...

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intake of probiotics

Add variety to your intake of probiotics with foods beyond yogurt

Probiotics are the good bacteria present in our digestive tract that help maintain the microbial balance of the body. Normally, ...

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delicious pumpkin spice latte

Making delicious pumpkin spice latte at home

If you don’t want to spend on overpriced Starbucks pumpkin spice latte, you can simply try making it yourself at ...

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Help your weight loss regimen

Help your weight loss regimen by adding fiber to your diet

Including around 40 grams of fiber to your daily diet can help you lose weight without counting calories. Here are ...

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delicious coffee and walnut cake

Experience complete bliss with delicious coffee and walnut cake

Homemade coffee and walnut cake is a perfect delight for those who love earthy coffee essence and woody walnut flavors. ...

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Chicken with crispy noodles  (2)

Chicken with crispy noodles recipe for a spicy dinner

Crispy noodles with chicken and some gravy – a divine combination that takes a jiffy to prepare! This local Chinese ...

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healthier eaten raw

Vegetables and fruits that are healthier eaten raw

As fried and processed food becomes a part of our everyday diet, many of us have stopped enjoying the taste ...

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Egg recipes (2)

Egg recipes that go beyond plain old omelet and boiled eggs

The humble egg is mostly preferred in cakes and cookies when not eaten as an omelet with the sunny-side up ...

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desk lunch

Give your boring desk lunch a sparkle of creativity

Mid-day meal is the time, when we want to relax and enjoy the meal, whetherstudents or office goers.We alllook forwards ...

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6 Peanut butter desserts to treat your taste buds

Looking for some easy and quick desserts for snack time or after meals? You can always trust peanut butter for ...

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delicious chocolate truffles (2)

How to make perfect and delicious chocolate truffles

Chocolate truffle is termed as a classic Valentine’s Day treat, since it is a good way to pamper your loved ...

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Super expensive meals

5 Super expensive meals that will burn a hole in your wallet

There is no limit on how much we adoreeating, especially when it issomething we love and crave for, but then ...

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