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Delicious Thai curry recipes for fall

Exotic Thai cuisine is the flavor of the season this fall. So, welcome this season by indulging in some rich harvest of fresh vegetables and delectable meat. Because of its perfect harmony of the flavors and aroma, Thai cuisine finds a global recognition among world cuisines. Hence satiate your palate with some stimulating Thai curry recipes enumerated below.

1. Fiery Thai Red Curry

Fiery Thai Red Curry

Hot and stimulating, the Thai Fiery Red Curry is a flavorsome delicacy that stirs up the senses and stimulates the taste buds. Easy-to-made home recipe, this traditional delicacy begins with blending Thai red curry paste with some seasonal vegetables, meat/poultry and some coconut milk for a healthy exotic experience. Depending upon your taste, it can be made fiery hot or you can also opt for a milder version. Traditionally, this dish is simmered over a fire or stove, but alternatively you can also cook it in the oven.

2. The Green Chicken Delight

Thai Green Chicken Delight

Try the Thai Green Chicken Delight to welcome fall in grandeur. Morsels of tender chicken are simmered slowly in a green paste along with some bamboo shoots and vegetables such as zucchini and red bell pepper. Coconut milk is then stirred into the mixture for a rich, creamy texture. Slow cooking helps in releasing a rich aroma of flavors. This dish tastes grand when served with hot steaming Thai rice.

3. The Classic Yellow Curry

Thai Classic Yellow Curry

A popular delicacy in Thailand, the Classic Yellow curry is cooked with chunks of chicken and potatoes with coconut milk and coconut cream. Adding coconut cream gives a rich consistency to the dish. Unlike the other curries, this dish doesn’t require a curry paste for its preparation. Easy to make at home, the preparation is seasoned with curry powder, turmeric and chili sauce to enhance its flavor. It tastes incredible with steamed rice.

4. Thai Shrimp Coconut Grandeur

Thai Shrimp Coconut Grandeur

Imagine devouring some succulent shrimps in exotic coconut gravy. The Thai Shrimp Coconut Grandeur does the wonder. The simple recipe can be prepared by tossing a few key ingredients together in a stove with fresh coconut milk. Adding some pineapple cubes with roasted coconut enhances the flavor of the curry. This is a splendid party dish that uplifts the mood of the guests with its luscious taste. Enjoy serving!

5. Thai Fish Curry

Thai Fish Curry

Having fish is always considered to be a healthy choice, especially during fall, because of rich content of Vitamin D, which is much required during the season. The Thai fish curry gives a soothing experience to diners indulging in this delectable palate. The wholesome meal is rich in flavors and includes fresh vegetables, with chunks of fish and shrimps smeared with Thai sauce, cooked in a pot or wok. Delicate in texture, this curry can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. The spiciness of the dish can be contoured by adding coconut milk to it. It acts as a great entrant for easy cooking options and provides a divine taste that lingers for a long time. Happy cooking!

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