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Indian flavor inspired gourmet products for you

The Indian spices are made up great fusion of many types of local, organic, traditional ingredients. The use of special techniques for its preparations makes it the most flavor spice in any table. No matters if it is a weekend dinners or an entertainment party Indian food product is always inspired, not only for its good taste but because of its low cost.

Indian –inspired simmer sauces

Indian  inspired simmer sauces

Making food more delicious crispy by adding ingredient in a complex manner is the main hallmark of Indian spices. Making such spices may require labor but trying to make such dices at home may not be fruitful. So such spices can be quickly made by using simmer sauces that can convert your food into a delicious spice in very short span of time. Adding some seed to it makes it tastier.

You can also add some nicely spiced kosher line and organic that varies from mild to hot to increase its taste. Addition bell pepper added with Jalfrezi and coconut milk is exceptionally good. Maya Kaimal is one of the famous sauces i.e. well known for its small batched refrigerated sauces. It mainly includes Tikka Masala. Another company named Stone house produces sauces like Tamarind and Dates, Creams and Cashews and their price of such simmer sauces varies from $4.49 to $6.49.

Dave’s Gourmet masala marinara sauce

Dave’s Gourmet masala marinara sauce

If you are thinking to leave all the traditional sauces of India then once check out this Indian combination, it is a fusion made by Dave`s Gourmet. Who is a winner of 2010 sofi gold award for the making the most outstanding delicious pasta sauce. Masala marinara is one of his products i.e. enhanced with lime, coconut milk gluten and many other curry spices. All this sauces product`s names are available online at Dave Gornmet`s site. The prices of such products are nearly about $7.99.

Dulcet Cuisine mild Indian curry ketchup

Dulcet Cuisine mild Indian curry ketchup

Condiments are also one of the great fusions in Indian spices. It is mainly made up of old reliable like many types of ketchups with different flavors. Dulcet Cuisine`s mild Indian curry ketchup is made by mixing the barbecue flair with gourmet flair. The sauce is a highly dense sauce and is used for preparing fried zucchini. It wins the 2011 sofi gold award. It is completely GMO free, gluten free and is also preservative free. Its cost`s $6.

479° popcorn- Madras curry coconut and cashews

Madras curry coconut and cashews

The 479 popcorns come under the range of cosmopolitan flavors and are usually found in copper kettles in form of small batches. Madras curry coconut and cashews is also one of the curry spices of madras that is made by hand blending method. The mixture of turmeric, paprika and organic chilies are toasted with organic coconuts and roasted with cashews. The 479 popcorn can be prepared using any local ingredients easily. 479 makes batches only when orders arrive so the popcorn remains completely fresh when they reach your homes. The curry coconut flavor is also called as Vegan. Its price is about $35 and is available as multi flavor samplers in five boxes.

Dagoba chai drinking chocolate

Dagoba chai drinking chocolate

The masala chai of India is also very traditional and popular. It is also well know in many American coffeehouses. Now it is an inspiration for dagoba chai drinking chocolate which is a mixture of dark chocolate, chai spices and coca. When mixed with gingery and warm cardamom this becomes a perfect quaff for a winter day. You can also add it to a milk shake to eat it in summers. It is certificated by organic fair trade and it costs $11.95.

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