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Quick Italian recipes for you

Classic Italian dishes can be time consuming. However, Italian Cuisine has been highly innovative with the sweet or tart fruits. The saucy affair of figs along with Halibut fillets, remains a favorite. It is a simple squelching of pickled gingers and figs over the fillets and coating them with curried yoghurt.

smoke salmonA quick lunch can be made with salad plants, Napa cabbage and arugula; topped with smoked salmon, ripe pear wedges, and toasted hazelnuts. To make it more tart sprinkle some lemon coriander dressing spiked with shallots, toasted coriander seed, lemon balm, and fresh lemon juice.

Organic roasting chicken with sweet Braeburn apples and crisp Comice pears, dressed in rosemary and olive oil and sprinkled with fresh lemon makes a wonderful dinner; and that leaves you with a lot of time to enjoy with friends.

The best part of all these recipes is that they are paired with fresh fruits, freshly plucked from the garden
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